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“We used Walk On Targets in our shooting lane at the ATA this year. The staff manning the lane absolutely loved these targets. We had some new bow models that got a lot of attention, which means these targets absorbed a LOT of test arrows. Over the three days of the show, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, they were in constant use. They held up beautifully. After pulling arrows for three days, no one complained about sore elbows as I’ve heard at previous shows with other targets. No need for arrow pullers as these targets give arrows back with ease. We at Martin Archery would recommend Walk On Archery Targets to anyone looking for a long-lasting, quality target. Two Thumbs Up!”


Scott Landwehr

Martin Archery January 2017




" I absolutely love my RobinCube!! It is the best all around target on the market.  With the easiest pull and absolutely no arrow kick, i truly believe it is the top of the line for archery targets.  This target also holds up amazing.  I've shot other targets that would be shot out in a month and I have had this target for a month and hardly put a dent into it!"

---Garrett Wolf

November 2015

" I love my Walk-On Archery Robin Cube and Lil John Targets!!  Both are super durable and because the Lil John is 4 feet tall and 19 inches wide, I can practice at longer distances, which increases my effective hunting range!!"

--- Kip Campbell - Red Arrow TV

October 2015

" I have never owned another archery target that can stop arrows as fast and still maintain such an effortless arrow removal!"

--- Josh Bartlam - Red Arrow TV

October 2015

" We use Walk-On Archery targets because they are durable, long lasting, easy arrow removal with broadheads or field points, cost effective, and are made in the USA.  Retrieving your arrows is so easy that you can even do it eith your teeth!.  It doesn't get much better than that!  "

------ Almost Heaven Outdoors with Ted & Amber Nestor

October 2015

" We have used the RobinCube for about a month now and have been very pleased.  The target is heavy and solid which is great for working on consistency and tight groups because the target does not move!  Another really cool feature that we've liked is, not only does it have 6 different shooting sides, each side has numerous targets to shoot at.  This is good for variety and practicing shooting at different sized targets.  No one wants to shoot at the same dot over and over.  The water resistant cover is great too.  It was in the back of the truck for over an hour in steady rain after one of our hunts last weekend, and it didn't bother it one bit.  We have shot into this target with both crossbows and compound bows.  Thanks to Walk-On Archery for a great target! " 

------ HuntersALike

October 2015

" By far my most Favorite target I've ever shot and I have got a lot of people to shoot with me and they were impressed! "

---- Steven Fuller - The Huntin Grounds TV

September 2015

" After shooting nearly 500 arrows into my buck tag target from Walk-On Archery, I can honestly say it's the best bag target I have ever shot.  Great stopping power and easy arrow removal.  Very satisfied with this target and makes me proud to be a part of Walk-On Archery's Pro Staff "

---Andrew Lechleidner 

September 2015

"I really love my RobinCube!  It goes with me everywhere I go, and it stays in the back of my truck.  One of my favorite things is that it is female friendly!  I can pull my own arrows, instead of getting my husband to help me." 

---- Tammy Boatwright Carter ( South Carolina Chapter ASA President )

July 2015


This year at the ATA show we were privileged to be able to use the Lil John Pro target from Walk-On. First impressions were solid and very well constructed. I was surprised and pleased how dense the target was and we were actually able to stand on top of it to hang our signs on the wall with it. The height and width of Lil John Pro was perfect for our needs and can definitely see the advantage a shop would have not needing to put it up on a stand. We pounded that target all weekend with arrows from our entire APA lineup including our King Cobra which registered a blistering 369.7 fps through the Chrono at the show. Seriously impressed at how the Lil John Pro stood up to all the abuse we put it through all weekend shooting from 20 feet away with zero pass throughs and no significant target wear or bulging. I was very happy with the ease we were able to pull arrows from the very first of the show till the last. I would definitely recommend the Lil John Pro. 

---- Cory Smandych APA Archery

February 2015


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Bucktag Review


February 2015

 "After seeing walk-on targets at the world deer expo in Birmingham, Alabama, and talking to Doug and the folks there and becoming a part of their pro staff. We have shot close to 1000 arrows into our robin cube target over the past couple months and intentionally shot several hundred into the same area. We have left the target outside to see how it holds up. We have been more than pleased. The cover hasn’t  faded, or been affected by shooting and seems to heal up well. Arrows are a breeze to pull and stops arrows without damage or leaving any residue on them after removal. Arrows can be easily pulled without using lube. This target has stood up and will stand up to daily shooting. I have shot a lot of different brands and types of targets and the product walk-on is producing is better than any target out there in my opinion. Karen and I look forward to many hours of practice out of this target as 3-d season approaches….Thanks walk-on for making such  a quality product that will last."

---Alan Rickles & Karen Wade 

Walk-on  Prostaff - January 2015

"From the first time I shot Walk On Archery's Robin3, I was impressed. The target continues to impress me and I am really looking forward to using the final product! It will be my 'go to' target for many shots to come."
--- Doug Walker 

April 2014

"I'm using the Little John at the Forsyth Archery Range and the Robin3  in my basement. They are holding up real well."
--- Frank Brown, Forsyth Archery Club, Winston-Salem, NC 

March 2014


"This is an innovative target idea with very easy arrow removal. Jeff is great to work with."
--- Robert Brookman, Droptine Archery, Advance, NC

NC March 2014

"Hi Walk-On, this is Margaret: I was the girl shooting the recurve with all the antennas at your event at Droptine last Saturday. Just wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed shooting your targets. I think you have a fantastic product, and I wish you all the luck in your endeavors. Appreciate you letting us all shoot."
--- Margaret, member of Wake Forest Archery Team

January 2014