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Media Partners

Walk-On Archery is proud to be associated with the following Media partners.  Please take some time and visit thier websites.



Hunting is part of a culture rooted deep in this great country of ours that is centered around God and family. Red Arrow's southern roots have the same foundation, and this show is as real as it gets! Host Kip Campbell hunts all types of wild game both big and small all over the country in 100% fair chase environments. Red Arrow occasionally features award-winning country music singer, friend, and fellow hunter Zac Brown, of the Zac Brown Band, on hunting excursions when he finds time to get in the field while touring with the band.   The show is primarily bow hunting, with occasional firearm hunting and pro second amendment and self defense segments. Ride along with Kip and crew as he takes you from the ultimate in adventure hunts abroad, to intense action in the southern back woods of Virginia he calls home. Red Arrow is a fast paced and comedic show that's full of great music, good times and great hunting action!




Team Drop Zone TV is the brainchild of veteran Outdoor Channel personality Hal Shaffer and two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion crew chief Greg Zipadelli. Since their first encounter on a hunt in Kentucky seven years ago, the duo are now close friends who share a common passion for the outdoors. Team DZ is never staged or simulated - it truly is what it is: a half-hour of fun, excitement and priceless knowledge for hunters of all skill levels thrown in as icing on the cake.


A Show of Conversation and Faith

We are a different show that is going to make a positve impact on the world and we want YOU to join our family. Our videos are action packed with family traditions, hunting, bloopers, and management tips! We believe in a strong faith based foundation and we are proud to be stewards of this land. We are blessed to hunt, harvest and live in this great country!


HuntersAlike, Inc. is a non profit organization that takes others on filmed hunts to be showcased online.  We want to give hunting opportunities to those who don't have a place to hunt or who are new to the sport and want to get started. Whether you're a professional hunter on TV or a new hunter sitting in the deer stand for the first time, we all have that same passion and drive that lures us into the great outdoors. We want to share this passion by taking others on filmed hunts.


We are a couple that want to share our love for God, family, and hunting in the outdoors! Ted was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in the small town of Parsons, WV. His dad inspired his love for hunting at the age of 9. His love for hunting and the outdoors grew as the years went on. His desire now is to share his passion of hunting with others while also sharing his love for God. His weapon of choice is the ol' stick and string, but he won't pass up the opportunity to grab the shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader.  Amber was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in the small town of Huttonsville, WV.  Raised in a family of hunters, she didn’t begin hunting until the age of 16. Her passion for the outdoors quickly grew like wild fire and it consumed her everyday thoughts and dreams. Her weapon of choice is the ol’ stick and string, but she is quick to reach for “Big Bertha” her trusty .300.


““You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.””
Revelation 4:11 NIV
We want to bring people back to the true outdoor experience God and his magnificent Creation! Every moment in the woods with friends and family is a true gift from God. Weather it's hearing those Spring gobblers waking up on the roost or it's the walking of a whitetail through the woods on a cold frosty Fall morning in God's Created Outdoors.
Join us as we fellowship, hunt and share life's experiences together through all the seasons God gives us.


While sitting in a tree stand on a fall evening back in 2006, Joe Allen decided that he wanted to find a way to document his hunts for whitetail deer. After keeping a simple diary of notes for a few seasons he decided to take cell phone photos and videos of his hunting locations. Eventually, in 2011 Joe took a video camera to the woods for the first time in an effort to record at least a portion of his hunts. In an effort to create a higher quality image, Joe researched and taught himself how to use different types of cameras and eventually decided to use a DSLR camera as his main camera during hunts. He believed that, while many other videographers were using DSLR cameras as a second angle camera, if he could develop the skill and correct combination of equipment to successfully film hunts with a DSLR alone he would create a film like video that would be unique compared to the standard hunting show or video.


We here at The Natural Addiction are dedicated to bringing to you, our viewers, a variety of hunting and fishing videos from across the USA, as well as other countries. We love the outdoors and are all about conservation and self reliance. We hope that you will join us on our adventures as we pursue The Natural Addiction!



The all new reality hunting TV series Down South follows Justin Martin and his friends as they hunt some of the most beautiful and remote areas across the South Eastern U.S.. Down South features hunts and adventures of all sorts and includes some hilarious moments and situations along the way. This group of Southerners chases critters through pine plantations, swamplands and fields all over the South while making memories with family and friends. Whitetails, hogs, dove, turkey, snakes, bow fishing and more! If it can be hunted in the South, these boys get after it. It’s all about exciting hunts, awesome adventures, beautiful places and good times with great friends Down South.


A group of individuals that has devoted their lives to the outdoors! They have a passion for the outdoor industry and the outdoor way of life. They have proven themselves as professional outdoorsman and they appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with others whether it be by video, seminar, or simply setting around the hunting lodge. These are individuals in whom i have complete confidence in to get the job done in the woods, behind the cameras, and in business endeavors.