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Lil John Standard

Lil John Standard


Manufactured from 100% recycled materials, the Little John Range Targets will provide hours of practice time. Lil John  STANDARD (48"x48"x19")  meets the needs of any commercial range, archery club or individual archer and bowhunter. The Little John Range Targets offer multi-area shooting with large paper target areas to extend the target life and allowing easy arrow removal.  Our range targets include the T.M.S., which is our Target ManagementSystem.  This is a grid designed to keep shooting areas separated, so that shooters use multiple areas to increase the backstop’s life.

  • High-density bonded foam technology
  • Stops thousands of arrows
  • Designed to withstand today's high speed compound bows
  • Multi-area shooting for extended target life
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Durable, weather resistant polypropylene cover